Deck Reconditioning 10×10

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About Deck Reconditioning 10x10

The first part of the Deck Restoration process consists of applying a proper wood stripper and other cleaning solutions. This helps to break down the previous stain and other mold buildups. It also makes the initial pressure cleaning more effective. The end result is your deck looking like it did before any stain was applied i.e. new wood. We will also use a wood brightener for the more treatment-resistant stained areas if needed. Then we apply the stain or toner of your choice. The rule of thumb says you can always use a more opaque stain than the previous application. For example, if your last coat was a clear sealer, you can then apply another clear sealer, semi-transparent stain, or solid color stain. If your last coat was a semi-transparent stain, you can use another semi-transparent stain, semi-solid stain, or solid-color stain. It is more difficult, however, to go from a semi-solid or semi-transparent stain back to a clear coat or toner. The more transparent stain will most likely not cover a more opaque stain, the previous stain will show through.