Is your company licensed and insured?
Yes! We are fully licensed and insured. We can also provide the documentation upon request.
Will our landscaping be harmed in the pressure cleaning process?
No. Our cleaning process is not only safe and environmentally friendly, but we guarantee your flowers, plants, and surrounding areas will be safe.
What if there is no water access near the area to be cleaned?
We have the ability to fill our water tanks to be able to clean vacant homes or remote areas in case of no water supply!
How far in advance do I need to call?
In most cases, we can complete the job in 24 to 72 hours from the time you scheduled the service. We may even be able to complete a job the same day we provide your quote!
Do I need to be home for the house to be cleaned?
No, we do not need access inside your home. Most of our jobs are completed during the day when homeowners are at work or running errands. We take before and after photos of every job to document and to show the difference the cleaning made.
What do I need to do before you come?
Just make sure that all of your windows and doors are closed tight. We will clear any areas of furniture, plants, pots, etc… Our goal is to make your experience as hassle-free for you as possible!
(If you have any windows or doors that leak, please let us know so we can use extra caution around them.)
How long will it take to wash my house?
This depends on the size of the house. A basic one level rambler will usually take under an hour while a larger two-level detailed Colonial with wrap around front porch, can take 2-4 hours.
Do you use high-pressure washing?
Contrary to popular belief, high-pressure washing techniques will damage your home. You can feel confident with our extensive training and experience that your house will be cleaned in a professional manner – however, we provide a “soft-wash” cleaning experience for your property, which is in fact much more effective and long-lasting.
Does your service use hot or cold water?
Many people believe hot water is best for cleaning, however – we actually do not use hot water for house washing. Contrary to popular belief hot water is not needed and the high temperature of the hoses [200+F] on your lawn will kill the grass where it lays. Hot water is primarily used for cleaning greasy flat surfaces and the removal of gum in commercial areas. It is also used for fleet cleaning and heavy equipment. It is not necessary for residential homes.
Does your process use harsh cleaners?
It does not. We use a proprietary mix of soft chemicals that are designed to kill the mildew while also loosening cobwebs and other pollutants from the siding. Our house washing chemicals kill all mildew, unlike competitor’s products which leave microscopic mildew attached to the siding. When competitor’s take these shortcuts, it allows mildew and mold to grow back in a month or two. Keep in mind we have been doing this for over 15 years!
Why should I choose your company over another pressure washing company?
We are well educated on the latest cleaning techniques, while many companies have yet to discover them. We also strive to make long-term clients and will do what whatever it takes to earn your business year after year.
Is cleaning my roof only cosmetic? 
NO. Black streaks will prevent your shingles from deflecting the sun properly and can increase your cooling costs. In addition, the algae is feeding on the limestone in your roof tiles, and roof shingles, it is slowly breaking them down, reducing the life of your shingles by up to 50%!
Do I have to make an appointment to receive my free estimate? 
Absolutely not, We are able to provide an estimate in minutes when you call 614-465-6479 or visit our website at and click on request a free estimate.
Can I clean my own roof?
You can attempt, however, cleaning a roof correctly involves an extremely slippery surface that can be very dangerous and should only be attempted by a qualified, licensed and insured professional that specializes in roof cleaning.
Do you only service Residential homes or do you do Commercial Properties as well?
Yes, we do Residential and Commerical Properties including HOA Communities, Storefronts, Realtors, etc.
Do you offer a treatment plan at a discounted rate?
Yes. We offer a treatment plan customized to your needs and return to your home or business on an annual, bi-annual, quarterly or monthly basis at a discounted rate.